CVS Pocket Reference

AUTHOR: Gregor N. Purdy


PUBLISHED: August 2000

ISBN: 0-596-00003-0


Review by John Lightsey on 22 Jan 2004.

If you've been wandering around the GNU/Linux landscape for long you've no doubt run into CVS. CVS takes the idea of cryptic commands to an entirely new level. You probably already know what it's used for, you can probably guess why you should be using it, and you may have taken a look at the 1000+ line man page and figured screw it.

For my needs, the CVS Pocket Reference is exactly what I was looking for. The introduction to CVS is simple and to the point. In the first 30 pages the author goes from an explanation of "what is version control?", all the way to importing your projects into a cvsroot. This introduction doesn't waste time on trivial details and contains all the information you'd need to make sense of the files hidden in a cvsroot directory.

Starting on page 32, the author goes into the details that make a reference guide, listing out the various commands and flags for CVS. This information is well organized and thoroughly detailed. Combined with the 6 page index, finding the exact format of commands is a breeze.

I would definitely recommend this pocket reference to anyone who already understands the concept of CVS but has never tried to use it in a productive way. This title is absolutely to the point and no nonsense. Definitely a book to keep within an arm's reach.

Rating: 4.5/5