Apt-Watch is Gnome panel applet that periodically checks for software updates on Debian systems.

The git repository for apt-watch development is located at:

The git repository for the apt-watch Debian package is located at:

The latest release is apt-watch-0.4.0.tar.gz

Version 0.4.0
  * Updated for libpanel-applet-4 (Gnome Panel 3)

  * Numerous compatibility fixes for Gnome 3 support.

  * Fix crash when update frequency was set to never.

Version 0.3.3
  * Switch from Glade to GtkBuilder.

  * Remove deprecated libapt-pkg methods.

  * Remove deprecated Gnome classes in preparation for Gnome 3.

  * Import all fixes from Debian package.

Version 0.3.2 "Fixer-upper"
  * The program works now even if FAM is not available.

  * Improvements to the use of PAM in the slave.

  * Better error handling: more errors will be reported to the user, and
    useless assertion failures are no longer dumped to stderr.

Version 0.3.1 "Shrinkage"
  * One of the icons in 0.3 was much larger than the others; fixed.
    (eventually the icons will autoscale to the panel size, but that's
     a project for another day)

Version 0.3 "Icons for everyone!"
  * The major change in this release is that the ugly text and progress
    bar have been replaced by ugly icons.

  * If upgrades require some new packages to be installed, apt-watch will
    detect the new packages and download them as well.  (it will miss
    Recommended packages for the time being, though)

Version 0.2 "Waiting for svn.debian.org"
  * Initial public release.  The program seems to be basically
    functional, although I have a ~1000 line patch to commit to svn.d.o
    when it comes back to life.